Graduating BSc Film Technology Production 1st Class Hons

13715985_10153764680873017_1445032360225340966_nThe time finally arrived for me to graduate. My four years at uni were not the easiest due to personal reason. Losing both my Nana and Grandad during 2nd and 3rd year only pushed me forward and determined me more to make them proud.

Placement year had been interesting and I’d learnt more about the industry I was running towards. Staffs had also assisted with setting up my Business through the Speed Plus program.

I’d made new life long friends on my course and through my social activities. Netball became a huge part of my life by spending three years on committee. I’d been involved with the Film society and got to go to the Berlin Film Festival.

I’d been working for the union for the past 3 years and enjoyed every moment. I also represented my course as an academic rep which involved attending meetings with course lecturers to make those changes for new students and be ready for the Stafford move to Stoke.

But the biggest change and difference has been my confidence. I am no longer the shy girl scared to ask a question or speak up. Now I will happily express what I want changed and why. I will jump in to any role and put myself forward to make those connections to get ready for the next step in life.

Now the time was here. I’d passed with flying colours even with the hiccup of having my appendix removed in the middle of final year. I’d made it and achieved my degree and a whole lot more. Thanks to Staffordshire University, the Students’ Union, the Netball team, my course, and family and friends I am now a Staffordshrie University Graduate.

The day was beautiful. The sun was shining and the venue looked beautiful. I was proud. Proud of myself and proud  to be Staffs. It was a day to celebrate with my friends and family.

Then the moment came after all the speeches and photos to cross that stage. I could see my goal. A final handshake with the Vice Chancellor. It was in my sight and I crossed that finish line.


It was done. A whole stage of my life over. But I felt that achievement and it will push me froward in everything I do now.