Using Instagram to Market

What is Instagram?

Elise Moreau describes Instagram as “a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone.” (Moreau) The majority of users run the app via their smart phones which have access to a camera. Instagram can be used as a social networking tool but it can also be used to market, blog and advance a persons career.

Is Instagram a valid marketing tool?

Anything that reaches an audience can be turned into a marketing tool. Since Instagram’s launch in November 2012 a number of marketing companies offer services to improve outreach, follower numbers and revenue. It is a visual tool (Sprung), allowing access on the go (Baty), and allows promotion to a younger generation (Villegas).

How does it work?

Instagram is very easy to work. It allows the user to take a photo with the option to customise the image using filters. The image is then uploaded for ‘followers’ to view. By inputting a description and using hastags, the user can reach a public audience and increase their following. Celebrities also use Instagram to connect with their fans and promote their own work. Currently Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Beyonce and Taylor Swift allow have over 1 million followers (Social Blade).

Instagram and Crowdfunding

Tam Pham details crowdfunding success that were aided by Instagram and have allowed some users to live off the income created by the App. It details success stories such as Steven Ng who launched ten successful Kickstarter campaigns.  It’s important to note the use of other social media platforms being used to boost followers. The celebrities mentioned above all have corresponding Twitter and Facebook accounts that aid there following across each platforms. However there are successful users who’s primary focus is Instagram. Many travel bloggers have used Instagram to allow them to continue travelling including Expert Vagabond (@expertvagabond), Ever Changing Horizon (@everchanginghorizon) and Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana).

High House Collections

It was very important to used every tool available to use to market the campaign. Instagram became a helpful visual tool to display our work and similar products. Users could interact and reply to our images.

instargram team.png

We were able to link our profiles and direct users to the main HighHouse profile which gave further details and direction to our campaign.


It also allowed us to monitor our progress and tasks in a visual diary. By the end of the campaign we had gained over 100 followers and increased our own following.


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