High House Campaign Page

When designing the High House Campaign page, the team asked family and friends what they would want to know from the page. We also looked closely at other wallpaper campaigns such as:

Murielmotion – Animated Wallpaper
Get Anna Hill Wallpaper to Exhibition!
Southend-on-Sea Wallpaper

And then looked at other crowdfunding campaigns that appeared on the Indiegogo and Kickstarter recommends banner. Many of these were technology based but had a very large following.

Many of the things these campaigns contained, we had already created including a banner, product photos, video and team information. So we focused on the content and what was written. We also looked closely at Indiegogo’s own guidelines for a successful campaign and drew on my knowledge from my earlier research module.

Indiegogo has a set template where a user inputs the information. This can only be adapted slightly and allows you to insert videos, images and text.

Our first section focused on the High House story and history. We kept the information short so that backers didn’t get bored. We also didn’t want to repeat too much information that was included in the campaign video. We were also able to inset another video that explains the History of High House.

Our next section displayed the India collection as this was the focus and the products being sold, followed by how the campaign would support students. This section was incredibly important to get right as it would explain the key reasons as to why we were doing a crowdfunding campaign.

Our final sections displayed the products available which backers would receive by donating a certain amount. This included our too India Collection Designs at £75 per role. We also asked backers to support us by sharing the campaign.

Our final look was a stylish, professional looking campaign with key information included. We then asked friends and family to review the campaign before launch so that any changes could be made.


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