High House Wallpaper


As of yesterday I joined High House Wallpaper’s campaign team. High House is a wallpaper design company ran by students and staff at Staffordshire University. High “House provides a rare opportunity for graduates and student s to collaborate with established designers to create first class wallpaper designs.”
It also provides opportunities for students like myself to help run the process by marketing the products and running crowdfunding campaigns as part of a small team. This opportunity appealed to me for a number of reasons. Firstly it allows me to put my current research into practice and use the skills I have gained. Secondly it is a new challenge to take on, in a brand new area. Finally it allows me to expand a community and provide more opportunities to students at Staffordshire University and globally.

The collection we will be campaigning to raise funds for is the India Collection. This collection was designed through a competition open to university students at Staffordshire University and across Indian Universities. Two designs which were influenced by Indian culture and architecture were chosen as winners and made into wallpaper.


These amazing designs are now available to buy on the High House Website. But we want these students to have more recognition for there work and see the products sell. To do this we need to let people know that High House is here!

We want to engage with our followers through competitions and opportunities to support High House. The majority of this will be done through social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest.

We aim to launch the campaign in Feb/March 2017 so keep an eye out and follow us! @HighHsWallpaper

Creating a Commercial Fair for the Students’ Union

During the summer of 2016 I secured the role of marketing assistant for Staffordshire University Students’ Union and would be working with there marketing team on a number of tasks.


The biggest task was to hold a commercial fair as part of the Welcome Fairs. This involved contacting both national and local business and selling stalls to reach a target profit of £35,000.00 which is a lot of money. I was supplied with the previous years information and a lot of support from surrounding staff.

Contacting business took up the majority of my time but it was also important to plan for the day by communicating with venue and day staff as well a marketing so the right message was communicated to students. Booking the venue was sorted quickly along with tables and supplies for the day. Every new business signed up also had to complete a booking form for our Finance department to create an invoice. It was important the admin was kept up to date because of this.

Enter the newest task: an on campus NUS Extra printer that needed to be ready for enrolment and the fair. Although this should have been a simple task the software became a new challenge. However, I finally got it ready in time for enrolment to sell lots of cards to new students.

The fair stalls sold quite quickly the closer we got to the date of the fair with big companies such as Dominos, Spotify, Dilveroo and Lucozade all wanting to attend. So how was I going to fit them all into the venue? A very detailed floorplan was created that included electrical points, fire escapes and stall places. Many of the companies were bringing exciting equipment for the students to interact with which required more space than the regular stalls (and paid more for the space).

On the day:

The day of the fair approached quickly but we were prepared. We welcomed Spotify first who had to build a 180 degree camera set. Soon the companies were piling in and we made sure to welcome them all and show them to there space. The doors opened at 12am for students and the walkways were soon flooded with people.

University services explained where to find more information about the library, Erasmus and career services. Dominos and Dixi Chicken handed out free food while CityCabs gave keyrings so you always had there number on hand. Re-solv, the recycle team and NHS sexual health gave you important safety things to get by while at uni (such as glow in the dark sperm). The night clubs were out in force with Revolution, Chicagos and Fiction handing out goodies. You could even have a go in the confetti machine.

Deliveroo also brought a wind-machine and Lucozade had prizes for those who managed to get zero on their buzzer machine. There was lots to do! Outside we also had a poster sale to stop those hall walls looking bare.

We continued to make sure everyone was happy and as many people could enjoy the fair as possible. After a long clean down, the day was over and we could finally have a chance to rest.

It was a highly successful day with no hidden bumps and the day ran smoothly with positive feedback and student enjoyment. I enjoyed this role and would love to do it again! The most important part I can take from this is to be organised and plan. You may miss something but if you are organised enough it is easier to fit it in and adjust. Also don’t forget to enjoy yourself and make sure everyone else if happy too!

To find out more about the commercial fair 2016 check out this article by Regan Foy https://www.staffsunion.com/news/article/softwaresurvey2016/Staffs-welcome-fair-a-day-to-remember/

Jennings Bet



01/03/2011 to Present


Worked for JenningsBet in Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes, Midsummer Boulevard and now Birmingham shops; Bull Street and Erdington


To originally save money for Gap Year Travelling in 2012, however the job also was key to improving time management, communication, direct dealing of money and money management.


Bets are translated and processed through the till and direct handling of payment and large sums of money in store. Money was also deposited to the bank and to other shops when needed. It is important to keep the shop tidy and constantly interact with customers ensuring high social skills and ability to defuse difficult situations. Frequently worked long hours, answering the telephone, developing posters for promotions and ‘thinking 21’.