High House Campaign Page

When designing the High House Campaign page, the team asked family and friends what they would want to know from the page. We also looked closely at other wallpaper campaigns such as:

Murielmotion – Animated Wallpaper
Get Anna Hill Wallpaper to Exhibition!
Southend-on-Sea Wallpaper

And then looked at other crowdfunding campaigns that appeared on the Indiegogo and Kickstarter recommends banner. Many of these were technology based but had a very large following.

Many of the things these campaigns contained, we had already created including a banner, product photos, video and team information. So we focused on the content and what was written. We also looked closely at Indiegogo’s own guidelines for a successful campaign and drew on my knowledge from my earlier research module.

Indiegogo has a set template where a user inputs the information. This can only be adapted slightly and allows you to insert videos, images and text.

Our first section focused on the High House story and history. We kept the information short so that backers didn’t get bored. We also didn’t want to repeat too much information that was included in the campaign video. We were also able to inset another video that explains the History of High House.

Our next section displayed the India collection as this was the focus and the products being sold, followed by how the campaign would support students. This section was incredibly important to get right as it would explain the key reasons as to why we were doing a crowdfunding campaign.

Our final sections displayed the products available which backers would receive by donating a certain amount. This included our too India Collection Designs at £75 per role. We also asked backers to support us by sharing the campaign.

Our final look was a stylish, professional looking campaign with key information included. We then asked friends and family to review the campaign before launch so that any changes could be made.



High House Campaign Launch

Today’s the day of the High House Campaign Launch. The team are incredibly excited. We have put in a lot of work creating content and marketing ourselves through social media channels.

Over the past few weeks we have built up our campaign page.

high house.png

Throughout the day we have counted down to the launch which has allowed us to gather live interest. We have high hopes for the campaign setting our target amount at £6000.


The campaign has been launched!

We have decided to release content through our social media channels at least three times a day to keep the content current and interest high. Keep an eye out and check out the campaign page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/high-house-wallpaper-india-collection-design#/ 

Final High House Video

Watch the Final High House Crowdfunding Video Below:

Although the video is complete and being shared by the team there are still changes and improvement I wish I had time to make. This mainly includes the audio quality. Due to the location we used and the poor mic quality it has been hard to adjust the audio. I managed to stop parts from pitching and a constant level for each individual clip but struggled to continue this through the whole video due to my limited editing skills. I clearly have a lot more to work on.

However, the video gets the message across to viewers and has come together (content-wise) perfectly.

The Making of ‘High House Crowdfunding Video’

Using the research gathered in the MA Creative Futures, Creativity and Enterprise Module I was able to determine what needed to be covered in the crowdfunding video for High House Collections. Due to my previous research focusing on film campaigns I took a look at some similar art and design campaigns that related to High House.

Murielmotion – Animated Wallpaper

Took viewers on a journey of her work and how the designs were created from start to finish. Sarah Palmer explains how the idea came about and how it has developed to the current stage while emphasising the potential. The video is 2mins in total.

Get Anna Hill Wallpaper to Exhibition!

Anna’s video also takes the viewer on a journey of her work and the importance that people support her. It is a personalised video showing off her skills while inviting the public to take part.

Southend-on-Sea Wallpaper

This is a new campaign by Grant Philpott who has opted to use imagery instead of a video on his profile. The images of the wallpaper are eye catching however there is little to keep the viewer attention and this could affect his campaign results.

Using these examples alongside my previous research it was clear the areas I needed to focus on for the High House Video. We needed to show the story and the values of the team. To do this I focused on asking the team questions around:

  • Who we are
  • What we want
  • Why
  • Future Plans
  • Directly asking the audience for support

I felt doing an interview style would be more beneficial as the answers given would be true and more passionate than a scripted video.

Each member of team was asked:

  1. To introduce themselves
  2. What they had done as a member of the High House Team
  3. What they would be doing while the campaign commenced
  4. To describe the India collection and why they like it
  5. Why people should support High House
  6. Directly ask the audience to support us

From their answers further questions were asked such as individual roles or further questioning about the High House Experience. Most of the further questioning was directed at Rowena and Jenny who have been working on the project much longer than the rest of the team.

The filming took 2 hours using locations within the university. This meant that I had a lot of footage to work with and once the campaign video was completed I could create individual team videos.

twitter edit.png

To start with I linked the audio up with the video before rearranging the footage. Then I grouped the footage into team members and cut out anything that had the interviewer (me) introducing the questions as this wasn’t needed. I kept the footage in order of the questions were spoken as this helped me create a journey of information. Once all the footage was ordered and rearranged it was time to begin selecting the footage for the final cut.

As my goal was to take the audience on a journey of High House and the India Collection I picked out footage that clearly expressed this information and split it in to categories again:

  • High House – What is it?
  • India Collection Development
  • India Collection designs
  • Future Plans
  • Why we need your support us and how it will affect us

I felt it was also incredibly important that each member of the team had a spoken appearance with the majority of information told by Rowena, the creator of High House. From here the video almost made its self by putting the information in a chronological  order that made sense. Once this was complete it was time to smarten the edges by sorting out the audio (due to the mic used there was a slight echo) and checking to see if I’d removed as many “ummms” and “errrrs” as possible.

Finally I needed to find a fitting soundtrack to play in the background. This took a while of searching as the music needed to fit the tone and style of the project. I finally settled on ‘Fearless’ from Purple Planet (a free online music source).

I completed the edit by exporting and sharing to the team for any changes. Their responses were very positive.


Check out the final video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgOcJBbV4Fo&t=17s 

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