Creativity and Enterprise Module overview

For this module I investigated ‘Crowdfunding’ for independent films. This project had a very small timescale and I would have like more time to ask further questions and research further before drawing conclusions. The Christmas period also proved difficult when trying to receive survey and interview responses. I received  two late responses today which I could no longer include in the project. Using my initial gantt chart I stayed relatively on track throughout the timescale. Personal illness did however slow my progress at times but this was overcome at later stages. I felt I developed my academic writing scales due to guest lectures and my project proposal.

Learning Outcomes

I successfully  reached the learning and Problem Solving outcome by researching my subject area using secondary and primary research techniques including books, journals, articles, surveys and interviews. Although I would have liked to do further research and survey/interviews to support my findings. I gained all the information needed in an ethical manner. To further test my findings I designed a crowdfunding campaign by  replicate  results using information gained in the research to improve them further.

Enquiry; Knowledge & Understanding; Analysis was completed by looking at the commercial implications of crowdfunding and directly contacting key study pieces and industry leaders of this field and enquire further about the techniques used such as Max Silverman from Seed&Spark. I used the knowledge gained to understand and analyse the process and development needed to successfully replicate the results and improve them.

I also created case studies by analysing individual pieces and platforms as well as the subject as a whole to gain a wider perspective and full understanding of the subject.

By applying techniques and skills gained to individual product and suggesting improvements that could be made I effectively communicated my results. Reviewing this process and the results by testing the product with the public and industry experts helping me to recreate the results in later projects.


The blog has allowed me to reflect on my process and display research gathered. This has been difficult to manage due to the amount of information gathered and the changing outcomes. I have often found that I have moved on to the next point before remembering to blog and therefore not review effectively. I am not a confident blogger but I do feel my writing has improved as the project has progressed.


I believe the project proposal successfully explains the themes and methods used to investigate this project. I will be continuing to research the subject further and develop a report after ‘Canary’ campaign. I hope to create an e-book from this information for other filmmakers to use.

Originally I had intended to recreate one profile that took all the best parts from each platform however as my research progressed I realsied that due to the different models and platform functions that this was not possible. I therefore chose two that would be suitable for the film campaign ‘Canary’. If I had more time I would have created a third and then discussed the most successful items needed using further public surveys. I think i slightly underestimated the scale of the project and the avenues I could investigate. If I did the project again I would be more focused and investigate the promoting or rewards chosen rather than crowdfunding as a whole.

For further testing I would have liked to run an actual campaign to gather ‘live data’ rather than theory based and available data.

From this research I believe I would effectively recreate a successful campaign. This will be put in practice for ‘Canary ‘ and High House Collections wallpaper campaign.


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