Survey Results

Two surveys have been conducted to gather professional and public views. The first was aimed at donator’s habits published 18/10/2016 and completed by 46 users. I was very happy with the response rate for this survey and it revealed  many interesting results that I can now compare with research already gathered. Due to further research there were additional questions I would have like to have added and would have perhaps done another survey if there was more time. We were very limited with the timescale.

The second survey was designed for campaigners who had completed a crowdfunding project. Due to the more direct questions this had lower participation. Published 10/11/2016 and completed by 7 users. I was slightly disappointed with this response rate and had emailed it directly to over 15 campaigns but received very few results. Friends and Family also shared the survey but the results remained low. In the future I would conduct this section as an interview rather than a survey due to the direct questions that can be affected by previous answers. I did however receive contact information to gather more info later.


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