Trello is an organisation tool which can be used for everyday projects or large campaigns. It allows you to easily share information, swap ideas and progress a project. Melanie Pinola says Trello is an awesome project management tool that makes collaboration easy and, dare I say, even fun.” The simple and flexible set up allowes users to use the product to its full potential.

Trello uses a board system which you can add to, move or delete when needed. Images can also be added as well as colour coding. It is also possible to tag particular members to a card if there is a particular task for them.

The product is free to use and easy to share. Fiances online gave a user satisfaction of 97%.

Currently I am using this tool alongside High House Collections to project manage our crowdfunding campaign held in March. I also had the opportunity to use this software during 2016 summer with Staffordshire Students Union to organised the Welcome Week Fairs. The tool was great at discussing ideas between departments which cut out the need for a physical meeting. Ideas seemed to appear faster and decisions made more easily. It was also visually pleasing and information easy to find, especially when it was an assigned task.

This is a tool that I would be happy and likely to use on more projects and collaborations.

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