High House Meeting 2 -Developing the marketing stratergy


On the 6th December 2016 we held our second meeting together to evaluate progress so far and develop our marketing and crowdfunding campaign further.

So far we had each made progress on our social media sites and tried to update daily. I had joined Instagram and have been getting to grips with the new layout. Laura from Staffordshire University’s marketing team also attended the meeting and gave some valuable insight and advice for the platforms we were using.

It was decided that we need to centralize our information more rather than everyone posting individually. To do this with more ease we have each joined ‘Trello’ a site designed for planning. This has allowed us to know exactly what each other is doing and be in touch more easily without physically meeting up.

It has also been decided to conduct a photoshoot of the work and products along with props so we can use it for Pintrest boards and visualizing where the wallpaper could fit in a home. We can also confirm that the crowdfund campaign will run throughout March, ready for Spring decoration.

Due top my masters research I have been tasked with designing a video for our campaign with encompasses our passion and student involvement. To do this I will be enlisting other students to help.

The project is moving on smoothly and we now just need to calendar our plan.


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