Peer Assessment feedback and results

Today we received our peer assessment feedback from our presentations. As stated in an earlier blog post I was very nervous about these results as it was the first time I had been peer assessed while at university.

I had received positive feedback from my lecturer Sam:

It was really interesting to see how your project has come together and the work you have undertaken since we last spoke about it.

 Tutor presentation notes for Emma “Investigating Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns”

A confident and thorough presentation, that evidences clear direction and planning. Film project so utilising CF for investment back-up. Screenings, film events, social media to push campaign. Have you contacted any authors directly of key texts? Much on Emerald? Compare with other forms of investment wider context. Why crowdfunding? Seed & Spark CEO – ace! Make sure you have your creative and enterprising outcomes – have you aligned your work with the Learning Outcomes? More resources underpinning evidence based decision making would be beneficial. A very positive presentation Emma, well done.

The feedback gave me a few things to look at that I had not previously researched or thought about including contacting writers of my key texts. It also made me think about considering information I had not thought relevant to include such as other ways to gather finance besides crowdfunding. Although I had looked into this, I hadn’t thought it was necessary to include within the actual project.

It also brought to light how hard it is to fit all the necessary information into a 4-6min presentation such as the evidence of my journey and how I’d come to each conclusion. Although this information and direction is included within this blog but I will be looking for new ways to include such information within my presentation.

My peers assessment feedback followed a similar theme:

peer assessment feedback.jpg

The majority of my feedback was very positive but did outline a few areas of that I need to work on such as going in to more detail about what I will do with the information I find and how to progress further.

I was presently surprised to see that my peers felt I was confident and clear. For someone who dislikes public speaking I had felt very nervous and at times felt like people could hear me shaking.

From this I now need to:

  • Link my work with the learning objects and address my SMART aims.
  • Develop my research further by reaching out to more industry professionals.
  • Discuss and investigate other areas of investment and funding.
  • Link my research to evidence the decisions I make.



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