Presentations and Peer Assessment

This week I had to present a presentation to my class about my research and project. Although ungraded this is the first time my work has been peer assessed while at Staffordshire University. This made me more nervous than I thought it would. I prepared by analysing what was needed for the presentation and following the outline given. I decided to keep my presentation slides very simple and more as keep pointer for myself as well as visual information for the audience. I also included key quotes which reflected the section I was presenting.

I began with a short introduction of who I am and what I am doing. I followed this up by going into further detail on my choose subject and what I had learned so far. This then led into why I was doing this. This section also included how my project fit with my future plans and goals. I used two slides to discuss my methods and how I am continuing my research as well as where this fit into a timeline. I finalised this with my final outcomes and what I wanted to achieve at the end.

A few people had questions at the end and I was able to answer these confidently.

presentation slides.png

I haven’t been shown my peer results yet but I eagerly await to know how I can improve. I am not comfortable doing public speaking but find it easier each time I do it. I find it easier to give myself visual reminders rather than prepare a rehearsed speech. I hope that people understood my presentation and learned so basic information about crowdfunding.

I know that I need to continue practicing public speaking to improve and always try to hold in the nerves as I have found that I try to speak faster when nervous. Overall the presentation wasn’t as scary or as hard as I thought it was going to be but I still wish to know what my peers thought.


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