High House Wallpaper


As of yesterday I joined High House Wallpaper’s campaign team. High House is a wallpaper design company ran by students and staff at Staffordshire University. High “House provides a rare opportunity for graduates and student s to collaborate with established designers to create first class wallpaper designs.”
It also provides opportunities for students like myself to help run the process by marketing the products and running crowdfunding campaigns as part of a small team. This opportunity appealed to me for a number of reasons. Firstly it allows me to put my current research into practice and use the skills I have gained. Secondly it is a new challenge to take on, in a brand new area. Finally it allows me to expand a community and provide more opportunities to students at Staffordshire University and globally.

The collection we will be campaigning to raise funds for is the India Collection. This collection was designed through a competition open to university students at Staffordshire University and across Indian Universities. Two designs which were influenced by Indian culture and architecture were chosen as winners and made into wallpaper.


These amazing designs are now available to buy on the High House Website. But we want these students to have more recognition for there work and see the products sell. To do this we need to let people know that High House is here!

We want to engage with our followers through competitions and opportunities to support High House. The majority of this will be done through social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest.

We aim to launch the campaign in Feb/March 2017 so keep an eye out and follow us! @HighHsWallpaper


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