Pete Mosley and your Creative Business


Pete Mosley took a new direction when discussing a creative business and gave it a more personal touch. He identified to us that people don’t identify success in the same way and how that affected our values and the value of the brand. We reflect our own values when we talk about something we like or are passionate about. It is important to identify a your company’s values and make sure they reflect your own.

A creative business can be very personal and your own goals and beliefs are poured into the foundations along with the product/service.  Mosley used interactive tasks to make us think about ourselves and where we want to be and how we want people to view us.

Our first task was to think of a magazine or place we would like to be written about in the future. What the article would be about and what it would say about me. I initially struggled with this question as I am still not confident in the direction I want to end up. So I decided to look at a short term, maybe three to four years time. This was slightly easier but did make my article on a smaller scale than other people’s in the room. This followed with a discussion on how we could achieve this.

Next we were encouraged to create a dream list as goals we aspired to. For me, trying to work out fixed goals for my business was another large challenge. I could think of goals I wanted out of life such as exploring more of the world, owning a house, having a family and being financially comfortable but a dream list for my business and working self was more difficult. I’ve always taken on any challenge presented to me which has led to some amazing directions. I therefore, am unafraid to drastically change direction when it come to occupation and study. Again I decided to make my goals smaller and something that feels more reachable.

Create a Feature Film
Explore the World
Have a positive review written about my work
To be regarded as a skilled person

I am on my way to creating my first feature film. A very exciting time and a huge project that even a couple of months ago I never believed I could achieve.


Image: Pete Mosley 01/11/2016

Mosley continued by suggesting ways to stick to these goals.

“Find someone to hold you accountable.”

This stuck in my mind. I’m awful at doing things for myself but as soon as another person is tied to a project or needs help I feel obligated to get the work done to the best of my ability. I love working as a team and this made me excited for the feature film and the people I have already agreed to work with and those yet to join us.

We continued to discuss values and there personal ties. Why do we follow brands and how brands have changed there direction of marketing to appear more personal. We need to connect with our customers and there are 100’s of ways to do this both online and offline, it is about finding out what works best for you, your customers and your business.

“Know Your Niche.”
“Differentiate between what you Love and what your customer wants.”

Use storytelling to display your brand and make a connection to your customers. This can make the difference between your company and someone else as it encourages people to trust you and your product/service. Make those connections and don’t be afraid to ask for help and expertise from those that have already accomplished your Dream Goal. Write a ‘cheeky letter’ and ask.

Thank you Pete for the wonderful talk. Follow Pete Mosley on twitter @petemosley


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