Research Research Research!


Gathering research is important for any project. I am now focusing my interests on Crowdfunding, specifically film crowdfunding campaigns.

My current reading list includes:

Howkins, J. (2002) The creative economy: How people make money from ideas. London: Penguin Global.

Mingant, N., Tirtaine, C. and Augros, J. (eds.) (2015) Film marketing into the Twenty-First century. London, United Kingdom: BFI Publishing.

Marom, D., Swart, R. and Grell, K.B. (2015) Crowdfunding: The corporate era. United Kingdom: Elliott & Thompson.

Trigonis, J.T. (2013) Crowdfunding for filmmakers: The way to a successful film campaign. New York, NY, United States: Michael Wiese Productions.

From these books I hope to get a general feel of the current market and common aspects that effect peoples efforts. I hope that they will also give me a more fixed direction to further my research and project.

So far I am highlighting key phrases and words that help me to understand the current economic climate and where crowdfunding fits.


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