Social Media Marketing Tips with Philip Oakley: Featuring Social Searcher

On Wednesday 19th October I attended a talk about using social media in business marketing by Philip Oakley who works for OutServeWeb.

Oakley used 10 main points to help business utilise social media to market their business to the correct audience. As well as using local and international companies to compare with such as Staffordshire Oatcakes and Lego.

After attending previous social media talks by other experts, I can safely say Oakley’s was one of the most engaging and understandable. We were engaged on a level that everyone could understand as small business.

We were shown how to get our customers and fans to promote us for free. Examples such as Amazon Kindle who held a competition for a Kindle Champion where entrants had a number of tasks to complete each month, usually involving sharing a post about a book they read on the Kindle.

Lego also encourage there fans to get involved by developing their own products. It a design gets enough votes the product will be made and sold. The design would also receive 1% of the profit made from the item.

These are simple ways to make your business interactive and using social media to do this and secure a further reach.

Also DON’T FORGET YOUR MARKET RESEARCH! Each customer is different and prefers to receive the information in a number of formats. Oakley says “Ask the customer what they want. How do they want to receive the information?”

Oakley also suggested some helpful social media search sites and identifying your tweets engagement such as Social Searcher and Hashtracking.

I decided to use Social Searcher myself as it was a free software. I began by entering my twitter user name and gained some interesting results.

social seracher misssimmse.png

Using this software I will be able to monitor my social media impact or hashtag campaigns and adjust the way I communicate with my audience. Social Searcher can go into more detail too, showing when a campaign is most active or the audience reached. It is also bale to show if you have done positive or negative posts. Obviously this may not be completely accurate but i can give a user a better sense of their audience.

Social Searcher can also identify key words used in your posts, again helping you to monitor individual campaigns. This is an invaluable tool that I will be using from now on.

Unfortunately due to pricing I have not yet used and would rather use the trial during a campaign or project. I did however investigate other platforms to monitor social media such as Tweetdeck created by twitter to monitor your posts. This is a very helpful tool if you have multiple accounts for products, services, films, companies or individual profiles. It has allowed me to check the progress of my own account, my company and the feature film project. This is especially helpful if multiple people use the account.

Oakley rounded off his talk by emphasising:

  • Have Fun!
  • Think Differently!
  • Ask your audience/customers

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