Creating Scribbles and Scrawls Webpage

As part of my work this year I will be carrying on my business from the previous year. The previous year was a success with the business earning a small profit. Although there wasn’t much activity due to study commitments the business has remained up and running with bright things planned for the future.

The main project is the completion of the feature film ‘Carney’ set during the 1980’s British mining strikes. The feature film has been scripted by myself and along with two other Staffordshire University master students, we hope to have the film released by Winter 2017. There’s a lot of work to do including designing a webpage to display all information about the business and ongoing projects.

I chose WordPress due to the ability to link the site with my own blog and allow easy access. It also meant that I had a good sense of how to use it…or so I thought. WordPress is fortunate enough to have a team of developers constantly updating and improving the service, this however meant that I was a little out of touch with it’s use.

The service also allows you to buy your own domain and URL for instance instead of I could use I intend to pay for this service at a later date however while the site is under construction I would prefer the page to be harder to find until its complete.

I started with the basics by choosing a theme. This initially took a few tries before I was satisfied on a design that matched any previous artwork created and easily accessible by a user. I finally settle on ‘Suits’ as it gave the site a professional look.

scribs webpage.png

Changing details of areas and widgets was simple so I started with simple descriptions that can be changed at a later date if necessary. The front page I kept very plain while finishing the layout of the site with the intention of updating content further on.

The next biggest challenge was working out how to add/adjust pages and update the menu bar. This took more figuring out than I’d like to admit but after reading a quick how-to-guide I slowly managed to get the hang of it. This allowed me to have key page areas such as a ‘Home’ page, ‘Feature Film’ Section and ‘About’ page etc. which would then divert users to other sections including the feature film Carney.

scribs webpage menu.png

This design makes it easier to add any later projects to the webpage without deleting old projects and keeps the layout simple and easy to navigate. On every page the user is also able to access social media sites to follow and gather more information.


This function is great and keeps the audience connected with the work.

From a marketing perspective this can also work backwards with specialised deals advertised on a particular platform or a code to a discount.

Crowdfunding opportunities can be easily linked and found. I believe it is important to connect everything together for the ease of the user.

This bar can be easily adjusted or updated so current news updates about the business or projects. It can also be used to advertise any information and direct users to new areas keeping the site interactive for those who want to know more.

WordPress users can also easily follow the site and mark it as there favourites.

Now that the layout is complete I am able to focus on the content for users to read. This will be complied using a number of sources. Focus will be given to a clear ‘Services’ page and updating the feature film information. It will be important to keep up-to-date. Especially with blog information as users will expect consistency.

Once the site is functioning for a user I will be able to advertise it on social media platforms, email replies, film and services forums and to any other interested parties. The webpage will be designed to hold any and all information about ‘Scribbles and Scrawls’ and the projects it is undertaking so keep your eyes posted!


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