New Course, New Campus, Same University


After finishing the BSc it was time to decide what to do next. Find a job, continue studying or build on my business? There were a number of factors that led to choosing to do my Masters. These included time, money, family and the future.

Deciding to continue studying was the first step, the next was to decide the appropriate course. My dissertation had given me a passion for film marketing and that was the career path I now wanted to take.

However, there were no specific courses for film marketing. After discussions with some of the course lectures I decided to apply for the Creative Futures: Advertisement and Brand Management MA. This felt like a big step. A new subject from what I was used to studying but an opportunity to develop and learn.

Soon I was accepted but now had to decide whether to move closer from my Stafford base or to stay where I was. Stafford had become a home and I was now comfortable.  I also had a car to travel so the decision was made pretty quickly.

The new campus was no longer as daunting now that I had spent 3 months working for the students union in Stoke but it was a bigger campus with more students and brand new friends to make.

But I know I can do this and look forward to the year ahead!


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