‘The Mines’ – Coming Soon

As part of my dissertation project I focused on creating a distribution and marketing campaign for the feature film ‘The Mines’. The film is set in 1980’s England during the mining strikes and follows Joseph Cole and Ernest Mills, two miners struggling to survive the impact of the strikes. The story is a powerful tale with a number of characters reacting to the situation they now find themselves in.

As part of the campaign I had to create a series of posters and a trailers that were then reviewed by the public. It is hoped that the film will be made in 2017 as part of a Master’s project.

The Posters:

The posters were designed by investigating a number of other films within the same era or style of project and reproducing them.


It was important that the posters reflected the style of the film and gave enough information away for an audience to want to view the film and find out more information. Research identified important areas that must be included on a poster such as Title, Director, Actors, Release date, Production company. Audience members had different opinions on what had to be included. A survey of 51 people showed that 45% looked at the images of a movie poster first. 56% were more interested in the story shown in the trailer and 74% would look fro the trailer 1st when trying to find more information about a film.


The Trailer:

View the trailer here.

The trailer was designed from achieve footage of the time and present day production footage of the characters. The present day footage was shot at Apedale Heritage center in Newcastle-under-lyme which has a real working mine and museum.

The trailer was accepted well and circulated on social media as a teaser trailer for the actual film so audience members can view the style and story.

More information can be found on the twitter page @theminesfilm