Unpaid Placement Year


September 2014 – September 2015


Working in the industry on an unpaid placement.


To gain experience and knowledge by committing oneself to work within the UK’s film industry for a year. The placement will be in Leeds however the candidate will be living in Stafford and commuting to Leeds each week. This is a minimum of a two hour journey.


Due to this being an unpaid placement, there is no payment for the work that will be undertaken. This means that the year needs to be perfectly budgeted as there is little help from student finance. What is provided by student finance only covers half the years rent. Therefor full time work was completed over the summer holidays (three months). Travelling the company to work for Jenningsbet allowed the saving of £3500 towards costs of living for the year. A job at the union shop at Staffordshire University was also secured. This meant that during term time, money could be earned to go towards travel costs.

A clear budget was written out and prepared which had to be stuck to, to survive the year.


Emma Simms


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