0. Ground Zero

A blog written by the promotional team of the 72hr project


Lets not beat round the bush. On this occasion the 72 project wasn’t able to shoot and edit a film in 72 hours, but we are stupidly close. Now this becomes a race to the cinema.

As I said earlier, this doesn’t represent the skill and enthusiasm of the team, it was mainly logistical problems that were out of the crew’s hands. As always we will keep you posted, and thanks for all your support over the past 72 hours.

We WILL see you all tonight.”

So at 9am this morning the team at the office waited for news of a wrap on set. News came at 9.58am on Sunday morning. We had not made the 72hrs as hoped but the closeness of the achievement is teeth gritting!  The cast and crew have all worked incredibly hard and should all still be incredibly proud of creating a 90 minute…

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