Girl Power! But really we’re just talking about equality.

A blog i wrote on the 72hr project about gender equality


I want to re-visits James’ recent confusion over, “Why are successful women so commonly defined by their relationship with men?” As a women myself, I have also found this aggravating as it has happened to me. This was followed by annoyance. I’m not successful (yet), nor have I done anything great, so I can only imagine how these women with steady and successful careers must feel. It is clear from James’ blog and speaking to other people that this doesn’t exactly make sense. In the UK you would almost expect these thoughts to be outdated.

One of the key goals of this 72hr project was to have a balance of the genders. Have we succeeded this? 

What about our supporters and followers? Is there a gender balance there?

Twitter shows an imbalance of male and female twitter genderfollowers. However, it’s been a mix of genders retweeting, and posting. Facebook shows a balance.

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