66. Students, Students Everywhere

A little blog I helped on…help support the 72hr project!


Many of the students working on this production (including myself) attend Staffordshire University and learn from the very filmmakers who are heading this project. Other students have joined us from around the UK and internationally to promote and work on ‘The Confusion of Tongues’.

This makes this project very unique and for many of us this is our first feature film experience, that will step us up from students and into the film making industry that we are all working hard towards. Now that’s a big achievement, a huge learning experience and out of this we will receive our first credit on IMDB!
Ex students also wished they had had the same opportunity, “if I was a student at the time this would have been a great experience…you get thrown into the deep end.” Adam Palmer unit C.

However it isn’t all smiles and rainbows, we have a huge job…

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