Confusion of Tongues and Fundraising



1st June 2014 – 1st July 2014


Goal to raise £10,000 in a month wich contridutes to the funding of the 72hr Project’s feature film, ‘Confusion of Tongues.’ The feature will be filmed in Birmingham, UK on 18th July through to the Sunday where it will be screened at the Millenium point.

A tool called Kickstarter was used to help reach the goal set. This is a unique site that allows users to post information on what they need funding and allows those other users to donate to the cause. Along the way users can pick ‘perks’ created by the fundraiser.

Some of the 72hr project perks included, clothing such as t-shirts and hoodies, tickets to the screening, digital downloads, copies of the screen play and more. This was designed to entice people to donate and keep them involved throughout the project and afterwards.

Pledge £10 or more proved most popular with 47 backers who recieved ‘You’ll get a digital download of the movie, a Tweet and Facebook shout-out and a ‘thanks credit’ on IMDB.’

The team used tools such as twitter and facebook to inform people about the project and keep them updated as well as word of mouth which proved especially powerful. Throughout the funding information was released about cast, locations and storylines when targets were reached such as a certain number of backers or amount of money.

On July 1st the team reached over there goal:

251 Backers
pledged of £10,000 goal

This was a huge achievement with the final few days providing a large puch and the majority of the funding recieved.

Tickets for the screening on Sunday 20th July are still available at


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