The Spotted Dog is the place to be

The last of my blogs on the 72hr project with the promotional team



The Spotted Dog pud needs one hell of a thank you and most likely received that with the after party being held there.

But what else has the pub done for us? Well it was the center for most of our fundraising, allowing us to hold pub quizzes and meetings onsite. It was also the main location for the set, featuring in the majority of our feature film. They were kind enough to have the location later when filming ran over and adjust our times. As well as add to the decor to block out some light.

10554953_10152345156723318_1414861871_nSo Thank You! We really appreciate it! Thank you for the after party and we hope there wasn’t too much disruption or mess.


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0. Ground Zero

A blog written by the promotional team of the 72hr project


Lets not beat round the bush. On this occasion the 72 project wasn’t able to shoot and edit a film in 72 hours, but we are stupidly close. Now this becomes a race to the cinema.

As I said earlier, this doesn’t represent the skill and enthusiasm of the team, it was mainly logistical problems that were out of the crew’s hands. As always we will keep you posted, and thanks for all your support over the past 72 hours.

We WILL see you all tonight.”

So at 9am this morning the team at the office waited for news of a wrap on set. News came at 9.58am on Sunday morning. We had not made the 72hrs as hoped but the closeness of the achievement is teeth gritting!  The cast and crew have all worked incredibly hard and should all still be incredibly proud of creating a 90 minute…

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Girl Power! But really we’re just talking about equality.

A blog i wrote on the 72hr project about gender equality


I want to re-visits James’ recent confusion over, “Why are successful women so commonly defined by their relationship with men?” As a women myself, I have also found this aggravating as it has happened to me. This was followed by annoyance. I’m not successful (yet), nor have I done anything great, so I can only imagine how these women with steady and successful careers must feel. It is clear from James’ blog and speaking to other people that this doesn’t exactly make sense. In the UK you would almost expect these thoughts to be outdated.

One of the key goals of this 72hr project was to have a balance of the genders. Have we succeeded this? 

What about our supporters and followers? Is there a gender balance there?

Twitter shows an imbalance of male and female twitter genderfollowers. However, it’s been a mix of genders retweeting, and posting. Facebook shows a balance.

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19. Reality on set…

Blog i wrote on the confusion of tongues


It is quite clear from the above video, that not all is going to plan on set. If we look back at the previous 72hr project’s, James has felt the fear of failure before. Is this time worse? or is the stress just building? Working behind the scenes is like looking through a glass window. Although we are part of the action, we are also quite distant due to communicating with the public and spreading the word.

We see updates and are made aware of progress but are not able to interrupt and ask the important questions…How is it going? Do you think we are going to finish? What’s gone wrong for you?

We grab as many people as possible but those who are highly involved in the project and have the most stakes, are the people who are too busy to stop and chat to a camera which is…

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20. Can it get any hotter?…Apparently not

Blog written on the 72hr project by myself and amy


YouIMG_1181 don’t expect a heatwave in Britain, even in July but here we all are on set, in the office and baking as if we were all in an oven. With the heat comes trouble in all areas. The office for instance is horribly stuffy with everyone lining up for the fans, of which few are available (we lost ours at some point during the day). The windows let in little breeze causing tempers to rise. The editor’s are also feeling the heat and have to take a break as often as possible, like a simple breather outside. There work has been a balance of waiting for footage and receiving footage to edit intensely. On set it’s no better. Today’s location at the Spotted Dog, the confined pub space must be shared by two crews. Due to the small space half the crew is left strandphoto.phped outside in the…

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26. Are you hearing us?

Another blog worked on during the 72hr project


As you are aware (especially if you’re reading this), we have been blogging, facebooking and tweeting non stop to gather support and keep you all updated on the events (as they happen) on the production. We have been attempting to keep it as real as possible so you all know what’s really going on  and what it actually takes to create a 90 minute feature film in 72 hours.

So have we actually been reaching anyone. Well in the past week we can confirm that yes, we have been reaching a ton of you. Who have not only liked pages and posts but interactively commented, replied and asked questions. I can reveal the stats up to 9pm yesterday:

facebook s Facebook stats for 18/07/14 up until 9pm

fb stats 2

twitter stats Twitter Stats

The above post clearly shows the success of photo’s on facebook but in contrast links to blogs and videos reached further than…

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44. Help from the Midlands

Another piece I assisted with on the 72hr project


So what’s the best beverage toUrban Coffee wake up to on a morning? A nice cuppa Joe’s finest. Here on set we have been graced by Urban Coffee, a Birmingham based company who have been kind enough to supply us with some delicious energy. The company is hugely “Proud of our coffee, staff and food!” We are extremely thankful for their support. See if you can spot there delightful beverage around the set.

Now with every film making process there are things overlooked and when it came to moving kit, we had big problems. But not to worry Gear Up hire came to the rescue by replying for our plea for help on twitter.

vanThey appeared with their van and filming was once again up and running until we hit the next fence.

This fence appeared rather quickly in the form of taxis. Where oh where is the transport. Poor…

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