Script Reporting Trial




As part of the Talkinglens placement trial, the candidate was given the task to complete a script report. As this was something the candidate hadn’t previously completed assistance was requested from Peter Rudge, a lecturer at Staffordshire University. The candidate was given examples of finished script reports and there respected scripts. These gave the report structure; Characters, Structure, Technical Points and Overall. It was important to read all of the scripts and give the script a fail or pass mark to be considered for a co-production with Talkinglens.


The task was designed to analyse the candidates script writing knowledge and ability to analyse pieces of information. It also showed the candidates abilities to tell a creative story.


Firstly the script was read through once. Then the script was read through a second time whilst taking notes of the key areas; character, structure, technical points. An A4 report was then constructed detailing both good and bad points of the script and possible improvements that could be developed.


Raza Mallal

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