Experimental Film – Kites


May 2015


Tasked with creating an experimental film that experiments with surrealism.


To understand experimental films as an art form and pushing the boundaries of an unusual form of film making.


The idea was created to have two people on a beach attempting to fly two kites. One person was to be more successful than the other until they both work to fly a kite at the end. The action takes place over a day at Croydon beach. Due to the nature and style of the film it was decided to improvise nearly all of the footage. Due to the low wind, it was actually a struggle to make the kites fly. The strange statues that litter the beach also give an eerie feel to the film.However they also allow for the characters to interact with them, in their attempts to fly the kites. A grainy film was applied to the edit to give that raw gritty feel, almost like a home made family video.


Emma Simms, Keylea Orme, Johnathon Wilson


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