Bottled Up




To complete edit of creative film assignment which was designed to bring everything learned from semester 1 in to one video.


To successfully create a powerful short film which was accomplished by a lot of hard work from cast and crew. Colour grading was completed correctly with all shots matching. During the editing process it was decided to shorten the film and remove the ‘best friend’ due to his theatrical acting which changed the mood and style we wanted. This made the short much more powerful and focused on the relationship which is what was designed from the start.

The ending was also removed and was cut to an earlier shot which finalised the plot more. The short now feels more documentary like and following the development of there relationships without the need of outside influences. It feels more like a personal bubble the audience is peering into.

However it is obvious that some sound needs redoing. A musical score was created but due to the shortness of the feature there was no space to add it. This is a very quite short with the need for dialogue obsolete. Everything is said through posture and body language making it a more powerful film.

This film was successfully made and combined all knowledge of the previous semester, shown through the thought process of the editing stage.


Laura Humphrey, Jack Fenton, Oliver Jones and Charlotte Morgan.


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