Charity Matches



12/03/2014 and 19/03/2014


Staffordshire University’s Stafford Campus netball team took part in two charity matches to raise money for the ‘Motor Neurone Disease’ and splitting the money raised with Rugby’s charity ‘RFU injured Players charity’. The matches took place on two separate days. For a special extra the Netball girls had to wear the men’s kit and the guys had to wear the women’s kit including skorts. The treasurer of the Netball team had to collect and submit an funding raised and distribute a check to the charity. This will be received shortly.



To raise awareness of the Motor Neurone Disease that the netball coach actively fund raises for by actively competing in our sport. The team contributed to the community and research to combat a difficult disease within the UK.


Both matches lasted an hour with all team members competing and donating a pound. The team also sold brownies and held a raffle. A total of £114.55 for the MND and £66.53 RFU injure players charity.Image


Staffordshire University’s Stafford Campus Netball, Rugby and Frisbee Teams


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