Talking Lens – Shadowing and Further Work



10/03/2014 11am, Leeds


Gain a shadowing opportunity in a pre production house.



To gain knowledge and insight in to the workings of a pre production house and network with those already working in the film and TV industry. From this network to gain a placement for the following year.


Contact was initially made on 25/02/2014 by email to Amy Dixon who was known to be working a Talking Lens Productions. A reply was swiftly received.


Contact had been made and an opportunity made available.


A date for the shadowing was set as well as a task to complete two script reports, to show any skills or abilities. Due to this being an unusual task, advice was given by Peter Rudge on how to go about. A template had also been provided by Talking Lens but it was still had to approach the tasks. The reports were swiftly completed in time for the shadowing and had impressed the company so another task was given to re-write a script.


This was a fantastic opportunity to work professionally in an area towards a future career.

Due to Talking Lens being a working pre-production house a disclaimer form was signed at the beginning of the day. However partaking in work was undertook and an interview discovering any script writing abilities was conducted. The day was packed and busy but has given influenced huge enthusiasm to work within the pre production area of the film industry.

Work is continually been given by the company who will also be applied to as a work experience placement.


Amy Dixon, Raza Mahall and Peter Rudge


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