Finding suitable actors or any film/advert/short.


Actors are integral to the film making process. Without a good actor, a great story line could fall. The piece relies on the interpretation through the actors. Actors however can be difficult to deal with and often believe they are higher than the director/producer who must get them to do as asked. Actors also have to work long hours on a busy film set and play the waiting game when location is changed and knew sets are set up. Therefore it is very understandable when an actor gets grouchy so it is up to the producer to keep them happy.


There are many sites available to post job opportunities aimed at actors.

ImageStar now was used for many of our shorts including our latest short film ‘Bottled up’.


And of course the other way to gain actors for your shoot is to have worked with them previously.


Mitch worked on the 48 hour film project and was very impressed so has offered to work again and collaborate on projects. The newest will be lined up for May 2014. It is also good to advertise through social media sites such as facebook and twitter.

In conclusion, it is important to network with not only other film makers but actors too, so the film has all the best and strongest people completing it.


Directors, Producers and Actors


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