President of the Film Society


19/02/2014 – Present


Following the resignation of the Film Society President the job was passed over to Emma Simms and Simon Picken. This followed a restructure of the whole society committee with Rob Young becoming Chair and Megan Williams is now social secretary. The society has now been split between Stoke and Stafford with Megan Williams being the main correspondent between the two.


“I want to thank you all for your hard efforts over the last year with the Film Society and most of all for supporting myself. I have decided in the interests of the Society to resign as President. This is not a decision I have wanted to make but one I think is best.”

This decision came very unexpectedly and called for a major restructure and assessment of the society itself. A meeting was called with the union to discuss these issues and to look at the Cannes trip. This decision also caused resentment towards the former president who had refused to discuss issues with the rest of the committee. There was a lot of unanswered questions that had to be sorted before further decisions could be made. However relations with Staffs TV were amended immediately and changes continue to be made.


Simon Picken, Rob Young, Megan Williams



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