We want you! 72 Hour Project


“The way the 72 Project is organized requires everyone to be flexible and open-minded to turning his or her attention to whatever areas require attention. Whilst we cannot confirm people in the exact roles on set yet, we can confirm that we’d like you to be on board and we’re looking to give you the best experience possible.”


Confirmation Email 19/02/2014


Confirmation email to take part in the 72 hour project as member of the crew although exact position is unconfirmed by actively applying for place through the website.


“The project exists as part of a research process and therefore the culture within the production will be professional whilst remaining approachable and supportive to participants. It is NOT a traditional hierarchical set; your creative contribution is as critical as your physical contribution.”

The project focuses on creating a feature film within 72hours. Previous projects include ‘Watching and Waiting’ shot in Ireland and ‘The Ballard of Des & Mo’ shot in Australia. The recent feature will be shot in Birmingham from Thursday 17th July 2014 and screen in Millennium Point Giant Screen Cinema, Birmingham, from 5pm onwards on Sunday 20th July 2014. A large team will be used which will be split into multiple units, identically organized, which will increase the opportunities available.


“Thank you for expressing an interest in being involved with the 72 Project in Birmingham this summer. We’ve had an incredible amount of interest for both sides of the camera and we’re doing our best to offer as much opportunity to as many people as possible.”



James Fair and the 72hr Team


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