Working with Humanoid Productions

Humanoid Productions:

Provides corporate video and animation services and was established in 2009.

03/02/2014: Met Martyn Lomax the managing director of Humanoid Productions at Staffordshire University after Business Lecture and received business card.
04/02/2014: Emailed Martyn requesting shadowing opportunity.
06/02/2014: Received reply email –
The email detailed that there maybe runner opportunities in the future which contact would be made via Humanoid’s freelance contacts list.
12/02/2014: Contacted about runner work for 13/02/2014 taking place at Staffordshire University, Stafford Campus.
ImageThe running order consisted of:
Image13/02/2014 – The Shoot:

Arrived at 9am to greet the crew and set up. The crew consisted of the four founding members of humanoid productions Martyn, Chris, Tom and Anthony. The day would consist of collecting student interviews and b-roll of the facilities. After introductions, equipment was moved and assembled in the mo-cap studio where Sarah Blackburn was interviewed and demonstrations of the mo-cap systems given. Unfortunately it was at the beginning of this when Chris fell ill and was taken to A&E. This however led to more opportunities for the runner who became the interviewer and asked the questions to those being interviewed and was a line of sight to direct their eyes away from the cameras. Five more interviews followed in various locations, meaning equipment was constantly moved and re-assembled according to location.

This was an amazing opportunity that allowed participation on the actual set of a corporate production in an environment that was still functioning at its normal capacity. It also showed the separation in roles but also how they interlinked.

The shoot ran over time and the runner finished an hour after scheduled at 5pm that day.
Therefore 8 hours of work experience were acquired by this opportunity which allowed further networking and an opportunity to work with Humanoid again.


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