A Step at a Time – Tom Stansfield


3rd February 2014


Tom Stansfield guest lectured to students studying Film and TV courses at Staffordshire University.


This was designed to give an insight into how it is possible to work in the Film Industry from a former Staffordshire University Graduate’s perspective. The skills and determination needed and the positives and negatives of working within the film industry.


Tom began by displaying a clip of the opening scene of ‘Batman: The Dark Night Rises’ (2012), when ‘Bane’ is taking control of the plane. Tom then explained his personal journey to leaving university and working on the latest Batman film. This was inspirational information, due to Tom leaving university with 2:2 and working incredibly hard, persevering and helping with a smile on his face which led to him finding an affinity with ‘griping’ and successfully implementing himself into the industry. He has created a large networking system within the UK and further. From this experience it is obvious that networking is a key part to working in the film industry and to take the little jobs, talk to everyone and be pleasant even in difficult situations. However the main thing to do is WORK HARD! And hold on to the determination to succeed in the industry with enthusiasm, no matter what the task is. To work up from the bottom and expect it to take time and money. Try all jobs until you know exactly what you want to do then pursue that element. Tom now has a number of credits in high box office films but is still determined to be top in his selected area.


Tom Stansfield


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