Two Characters, One Light


22nd November 2013


To create a one minute film with one light source and two interacting characters. Dialogue (if any) and sound track is sourced or created by the group. The scene has a short narrative as if it has been cut from a larger film.


This task is designed to see how lighting interacts with characters and conveys emotion on scene, adding to the atmosphere. It also reveals how light can direct an audiences eye level, focusing attention and diverting it.


It was decided to have a short narrative with as little dialogue as possible to focus on the light as tasked. Lighting was kept looking as natural as possible with the use of one Redhead light positioned outside the window to shine through the curtains as sunlight. The character is kept quite shadowy except for the beams of light on her face to show emotion. The scene as a whole is quite light but the use of the specific beam picks out the important aspects of the scene and characters.

Throughout the scene the lighting was used to pick out the emotion on the characters faces. The lighting also isolates the male character as he opens the door which gives the impression he is an unwanted intrusion on the female character’s personal space.

The lighting in the end is a soft light picking out the emotions the character is feeling and exaggerates them to show the intensity of the sadness she feels. The audience is concentrating on the character’s face as the other areas of the shot are in shadow. Making this a successful short piece.


Other members of the group included Simon Picken, Laura Humphrey, Jack Fenton and Charlotte Morgan.


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