18th December 2013


To create a one minuet short film in the style of a tableaux.


To develop other methods of shooting style. Tableaux is a common method appearing in other films such as ‘Hypothesis of a stolen painting’ (1979), which clearly depicts all action happening in an area centered by the camera focusing the audiences attention.
The purpose of tableaux is to have no camera movement and all action happening in one place like a living picture. This was to be direct and grip an audience in 60 seconds. This is a short time period and coming up with a theme that builds an immediate tension was vital. Themes that grab audiences tend to be sudden changes in human nature, such as Death, Life, Love and Tragedy. Tragedy is a beautiful and horrific term which was emulate in this piece.


Using the new Sony F55 in an outside location, a low angle was used to focus on the action in the center. This film depicts the events after a car hitting a person. The headlights are used as a backdrop, with the hazard lights constantly flashing. This noise is also edited and made slower in the music score.
Actual methods of first aid are then performed on the victim carrying on when a passerby offers aid. The scene in slowed and accompanied by emotional music to make tension build. The music also emphasizes the disaster and directs the emotion to sadness and horror. The audience doesn’t know if the victim will survive, just like ‘how the event occurred?’ This is clearly an extract from a bigger scene which is being presented to the audience.

This was a successful production with crew members working together in an outside location, in dark conditions.


Other members of the group included Simon Picken, Laura Humphrey, Jack Fenton and Charlotte Morgan.


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