People and Place Documentary


6th December 2013


needed to create a documentary portrait of a character in their location and consider how filmmakers communicate that relationship through image and sound. There was a small rule book for this assignment.

1.) No talking head shots
2.) No non-diegetic music
3.) No text other than the opening titles & credits
4.) No handheld camera
5.) There should be no questions asked on the sound track


This task was designed to use the technology in an interesting way but still informative. This would create a unique style and film, pleasing to the eye and interesting in both sound and cinematography. This is no standard documentary challenge.


The documentary was shot at Stafford’s local cinema, displaying a cinema goer’s experience and enjoyment. By focusing on the background the footage shows visual the individual aspects that make this the place, the person wishes to be. The slow lingering shots make it personal while the soundtrack gives and upbeat and fun feeling.

Unfortunately the voice over, gives a commercial quality, rather than a personal experience, this would be changed if the project was done again.

Due to the cinema being open to the public while shooting, there was limited time in areas, leading to on set improvisation and good communication among the crew.

The cinema were also kind enough to give access into the projection room, displaying how the machinery worked and giving different lighting opportunities. Lighting was an issue due to the location being dark and the inability to light areas more due to the public and space.

This was an enjoyable shoot on the day. However if this was done again a different interviewee would be used making the dialogue more light hearted and personal. Post went smoothly due to lots of footage available and plenty of time to edit.


Other members of the group included Simon Picken, Laura Humphrey, Jack Fenton and Charlotte Morgan.


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