Netflix Advert Script

      EXT. STREET. DAYTIME                                             
      JEFF your average jogger is casually jogging along an            
      average neighborhood street towards an intersection. He has      
      his headphones in and is just concentrating his jogging.         
                Hey Jeff! Are you bored of your                        
                boring life?                                           
      A narrator tries to catch Jeff’s attention by increasingly       
      getting louder and shouting.                                     
                Can you hear me? Jeff!                                 
      Due to the headphones Jeff carries on jogging.                   
                For crying out loud!                                   
      In frustration a DVD is ’thrown’ by the Narrator to hit Jeff     
      out of nowhere in the back. Jeff stops immediately and looks     
      around finding the DVD behind him on the floor. He picks it      
      up and examines it. Taking out his ear phones he looks the       
      person who threw it.                                             
                Hey Jeff! Are you bored with your                      
                boring life?                                           
      Jeff drops the DVD in shock realising the voice is coming        
      from all around him. He turns and begins to walk away at a       
      fast pace.                                                       
                Don’t walk away!                                       
      Jeff continues to walk faster.                                   
                Here, try this.                                        
      A DVD is on the pathway in front of Jeff. He cautiously          
      picks it up and examines it closely before looking up            
      clearly unimpressed at the choice of film.                       
                Not your type of film?                                 
      Jeff shakes his head.                                            
      CONTINUED:                                              2.       
                Don’t worry there’s plenty to                          
                choose from.                                           
      Jeff turns his head and looks down the path to the right of      
      him seeing a trail of DVDs. He follows the trail while the       
      narrator reals off genres. At the end of the trail Jeff          
      looks down and reaches for the last DVD.                         
                There, that’s more like it.                            
      Upon picking it up it is actually a tablet device displaying     
      the Netfilx website.                                             
                But wouldn’t it be better to have                      
                access to 1000’s of movies at the                      
                same time?                                             
      INT. Sitting Room. Daytime                                       
      Jeff is now standing in his sitting room and sits down to        
      watch the TV which is playing the clip from ’George of the       
      Jungle’ - Are you arguing with the Narrator?                     
                     (over the top of playback)                        
                Netflix, watch TV programmes &                         
                films anytime, Only £5.99 a month.                     


Task two


To plan shot by shot a short promotional film for an existing online service. Including a script. The film must be?

  • Run time 60 seconds
  • Contain dialogue and music


By successfully designing a short promotional video, it allows an understanding of what is necessary and needed to create a professional advertisement. By starting with the script, there is a set plot from which to work with. From here, a storyboard and any other necessary documentation can be created.


The script was created by first deciding what product to focus on then researching other media and adverts similar to the product. Humour is one of the most used tricks in advertisement as it is light hearted and makes the product fun. Once this decision was made, more research was done to find what areas to focus on. Advertisement all ways strives to be different so it is re-memorable and eye-catching, therefore the Narrator was used as a character in the film who actively interacts with Jeff a silent character who is the only one show on scree. This simple aspect can also be used in many scenarios making this film very open to adaptation and follow up shorts in the same style. This idea was influenced by the film ‘George of the Jungle‘ directed by Sam Weisman and the interaction with the characters on screen and the Narrator. From here the script was kept simple and imaginative so that it is suitable for people of all ages and entertaining for everyone. It attracts many people and advertises the product clearly. This script was very enjoyable to write due to the humour involved and the fairytale-like structure. The trail of DVDs could be compared to Hansel and Grettle following the bread crumbs and the appearance of the DVDs is very ‘magical’.


Other members of the group included Simon Picken, Laura Humphrey, Jack Fenton and Charlotte Morgan.


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