Dawn til Dusk the Production and Edit



Filming started 21st October


Needed to shoot, edit, grade and sound design a short film detailing the journey from dawn to dusk. Using the prep work created and detailed in an earlier post. Using the photographs taken earlier they had been analysed to define what would be shot. A shooting regime had been made as well as an edit outline. Equipment was booked out including the Canon 7D which was new to this experience.


To develop skills in cinematography, grading and sound design to faithfully depict the experience of moving through time.

Cinematography must explore the movement of time and the scale of the area it affects. All visual compositions will be balanced and correct to the rules of composition. Where they break these rules they will be narratively justified. The level of exposure on all images will be correct and continuous within the flow of the film. Under exposure and over exposure can be used at moments when this will realistically capture the light at that moment.

All sound recordings must be original and unique. Only original composed music was to be used. The finished project will use advanced editing and mixing techniques, including: cross-fading, creative processing, dynamic range, compression, equalisation, and other appropriate processes.

The final edit is marked on how well all these elements are brought together. Enhancing and embellishing the story.


Shooting took many days at different times to gather a large variety of footage. To make it visually interesting a few practical measures were undertaken for instance: At 0.14 the tree branch was deliberately dropped by a member of the crew to show movement in the forest and at 0.27 the mist was created by spraying deodorant into the wind to slow the winds movement and create a very unique, visual image.

A number of difficulties was created due to the weather, focus became hard because of the strength of the wind. Rain forced us to wait or stop early but luck ensured that great images were collected anyway.

Being in charge of the cinematography, the composition, colours and movement of what was/is on screen was extremely important with many shots being recaptured until it felt correct. Lighting was very important to get correct as this established the tie of day for the final edit and effected the placement of the footage.

In editing it was felt that some images should be re-ordered and a debate commenced. Only three images were colour graded and it was felt by some of the group that this was unnecessary due to the striking-ness of the images true colour. Each member of the group would have reordered this material differently creating five individual films.

The sound also produced issues. It was decided to have a poem voiced over the top created by one of the members. It was felt that the overall piece may have been edited to fit this. However the marantz refused to connect to the computer, slowing the editing process. A lot was learnt about how to edit sound footage during this production and the application used. However many levels were set too high and the naturalistic sounds can be seen as drowning out the narration of the poem. This was unfortunate although the public seems to have enjoyed the film with the view count still rising.

This was a very enjoyable project in which a lot was learnt and compatible group work. Cinematography skills were vastly improved due to the allowance of freedom by other group members and the discovery of a talent for composition and colour. An understanding of the equipment developed my knowledge further and motivated the confidence to experiment. This was a project enjoyed by everyone involved.


Max Haynes, Charlotte Morgan, Laura Humphrey and Tharani Mahes.


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