Developing old work into new




Task is to create a feature length script that could possible be developed into a film once graduated but first to simply develop and idea then a story to develop into a script.


As part of the Advance Scriptwiriting of level 5 Film Production Technology at Staffordshire University. To develop an understanding of brainstorming and the process of coming up with a successful idea that can be developed to create a successful and captivating script for audiences and filmmakers. To develop research and analytically skills.


To begin this task research of an era of interest was undertaken as this was more motivating and captivating. Looking at films that were of interest was a good basis to begin with as it gave focus to the research. This suggested a period drama around 1980s England due to an interest in ‘This is England’ and ‘Billy Elliot‘, particularity the miner strikes in ‘Billy Elliot’. The style of both films and the language was a particular focus as well as them both being British films.

This interest has been used before in previous work, however it was Art work rather than film. In 2010 during A-level art inspiration from Shane Meadows’ ‘This is England’ directed in 2006 allowed the creation of a 12 hour painting. This film showed the way the ‘skinhead’ has been portrayed and how the ‘cult’ was created not as a racist or violent movement but as a collective community functioning around fashion, music and style. It was a family somewhere to belong. Meadows depicts this change from style to political, showing clearly the minority involved in the process and the change the rest of the ‘skinheads’ suffered. He shows how many do not truly understand the words they are being influenced by for instance the scene of the ‘National Front Meeting’, the man at the meeting uses passionate, motivational and words close to the heart such as ‘Power’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Respect’. He appears knowledgeable by quoting Henry V by Shakespeare. However what he believes is that if people come to Britain to work hard they should be accepted. Meadows uses a documentary feel to focus on peoples reactions making it appear very natural and more of a human reaction. It is a very calm and organised meeting making the reactions all the more sinister as if they are preparing for battle. This political change in society, spurred on by the media was highly interesting and passionate when accounts were reread. This led before a painting to the development of a series of photos in a similar style to the film.





The style of the images was very important giving not just the boy but the landscape character. This led to the development of other work.


And the final piece.548153_10151093537258017_131232804_n

All this previous work gave a basis for the new script idea, allowing a further interest into the era and culture of that time as well as using other inspiration for a storyline. Again using previous study of the book ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Stienbeck as inspiration to the characters and plot.


Peter Rudge supports my progress.


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