Dawn til Dusk finding inspiration



Set 1 week of prep starting Monday 14th October.


Tasked in creating a short film lasting 2 mins that documented a day from Dawn til Dusk. However this group decided to use the first week and part of the second week to develop pre-production such as a story outline, storyboard if needed and a shot list. The group decided to focus on a naturalistic day by wishing to film nature.


By finding and confirming what exactly needed to be filmed allowed a plan to be created on the shooting process. A plan was made about the days of shoot due to travel arrangements, availability and time depending on the part of footage needed for the edit. The photos taken also gave a perspective to look back on a decide where was most appropriate to film.


After confirming some locations a visit was conducted to take photos and decide a course of action on what exactly to film.

Here are some photos taken on the first outing:


Although the quality is low due to these particular photos being taken via a mobile phone the character of the area comes through clearly, slowing lighting in a darkening part of the day.


Due to the location there was plenty choice for imagery in both a field and in a wooded area with a small pond near by, this also gave us different lighting opportunities due to an open and enclosed space.


Although the images aren’t of the greatest quality it still slows the area for use to work with for location. The low cloud and lack of light also effected our photos therefore the shoot needed to ideally be on a cloud-less or clear day but this meant the shoot was very dependent on the weather. As long as it didn’t rain all should have gone to plan.

The first image at the top of this post shows a lot of character and colour making it a very interesting and captivating piece.


Max Hayne, Charlotte Morgan,  Laura Humphrey and Tharani Mahes


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