Assignment began Monday 7th October and given until midnight 24th October 2013 to complete.


Tasked with developing two 30 second short films using the same material and storyline which we created to convey two different meanings of the same scene. The footage had to be composed, exposed and focused correctly. Marks were also given to a creative response in the brief. This read ‘The idea for this film was to create a drug deal scene that implements two different perspectives for each character. One of the techniques used was to shoot footage from different angles such as shots looking up towards characters faces and ones looking down. This gives the impression of discomfort for the character and the viewer.

In Edit 1, the drug dealer’s face was not shown to give the impression he is a very suspicious character. This idea was taken from a various films such as From Russia With Love(1963), as a way to identify the antagonist of the story.

In Edit 2, the idea was to show both characters to be equal in status following a transaction from buyer to seller.’


This activity was designed to enable an understanding of the importance in using cinematography to focus on camera angles and give a more in depth ‘feeling’ and understanding of a film to an audience. It also taught the importance of shooting a range of scene from different perspective to give more opportunity in post production. The less footage taken the less options to make a creative edit during post production.


To create these shorts a script was created of the basic story that could be told from two sides, therefore it was decided to have two characters making an exchange of some form. This form is not specified in the action or through dialogue so when edited in post it could be seen as a legal deal or an illegal/dodgy deal. Once the story was developed a story board was created of two different scenario using the same story outline and location. Due to weather conditions this had to be adapted on the day of shooting as an outside location was no longer possible. By repeatedly shooting the action from every angle and zoom available on the day, there was a larger opportunity in post.

The decision for one edit to be more neutral and the other focused on a certain character was made before shooting. Premier Pro was used to edit the film. The first edit focuses on the guy wishing to make the deal. It also shows that he is comfortable and in control of the situation. This was achieved by using mid shots and close ups of the main character and not showing the 2nd character. All the reaction shots are from this main character’s point of view and the audience will feel he is more important and crucial to the story than the second character.

The second edit shows a larger picture of the scene with both characters being shown however by keeping the camera always level with the character sitting down, he appears more in control. This exchange appears much more straight forward than the first. It is also at a slower pace than the previous edit as less reaction shots are needed and more physical action is shown such as the searching of the wallet.

Lighting and sound could be improved within both edits as well as a slower pace in the first. If the edits had been allowed to be longer we would have included the entering of the character however the time given was not long enough to fit this in. Due to a last minuet change in location we diverted from our story board however the timing of mid, wide and close ups remained very similar.


Other members of the group included Simon Picken, Laura Humphrey, Jack Fenton and Charlotte Morgan.


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