Netball Team Union Intro



September 4th 2013


Created the introduction to the Netball team on the Union website’s Netball Stafford page.


To advertise the club to other students at the university, showing what the club does, is involved in and what it’s like to be involved.


Staffordshire University, Stafford Campus’s Women’s Netball team is a friendly environment, where Stafford University women can come together to learn a new sport and socialise, making lifelong friends and improving on fitness both on and off the court.
No previous ability is required just the enjoyment of trying new things, though previous experience is welcomed and encouraged.
We train twice a week and entered into the BUCS league with a weekly fixture. Last year we were involved in Stafford Campus’ first Varsity against Wolverhampton which we will continue each year, every year. Whenever possible we also organise a series of friendlies against neighbouring teams.
Our aims for this year is to have a coach for the first time, a win in BUCS league, to improve skill and to enjoy ourselves while keeping fit.
To increase the social aspect we encourage the girls to meet every Wednesday evening for a range of activities including; cinema trips, bowling, nights on the town and a casual get together within our SU (Lounge and Legends). We also organise a tour held at some point in the year.
At the end of the year we wish all girls to have a passion for netball, new friends and new confidence!
For more information email us at: or visit our facebook page: or use the QR code below

Or even better speak to a member of our committee.


Netball Committee


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