Student Ambassador of ShowFilmFirst


Congratulations Student Ambassador!

Firstly, Show Film First would like to say thank you for your time taken in completing our survey. We are extremely excited following our collection of results and have selected those candidates we feel can bring value to Show Film First through their promotion and reviews following previews.


Late September and ongoing


In late September the opportunity was given to petition to become a ShowFilmFirst Student Ambassador. This would allow viewing of early releases and conferences throughout the UK. Allowing and giving promotions to these new films through any network available including word of mouth, social networking and group events.


As a film student and member of a Film Society committee member within Staffordshire University this presented itself as a great opportunity, not only to network but watch early releases, to review and discuss. Due to the location available there are many people to tell about the opportunities given and to spread information.


This opportunity was given via a member of the Students Union then an email and survey was undertaken. Once accepted opportunities are emailed from which tickets can be ordered for certain cinemas on certain days. An survey is then undertaken after the event where the review of the film watched is given. Then it is up to the Ambassador to spread further information to the public and encourage other people to view the films available.


Show Film First


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